Saturday, April 17, 2010


If only I were writing this post about the Mets' new home, I could have titled it "A Tale of Two Citis" -- but that's life. But to the point: a lot has been written about the new Yankee Stadium (the soullessness, the corporate rapacity), and there's a lot of nostalgia floating around Bomberland for the old place. The other day, Nancy and I took the 4 train to see the team perform on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and as the train slowed for the 161 St. station, we were somewhat aghast by what looks like Dresden or Nagasaki but is in fact the remains of old homestead.

But look what awaited us only a few hundred yards to the north: how could anyone find fault with this vista, particularly since the myth that no one can afford the seats from which this picture was taken is just that, a myth. We paid a total of $60 for them on Stubhub, and if we hadn't requested e-mail delivery, it would have been $10 less. The fact that the Yanks got routed seemed almost incidental.

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  1. I like that you could re-write your title II stad II and it would almost still make sense. These new stadii seem to me like malls but where they play baseball in the middle instead of having fountains: there's your danny meyer outpost, there's your fashion forward sportswear, there's your fannypacking tourists, HEY there's a fly ball. Plus there's that whole at-the-taxpayers-expense thing, and easements and abatements and blah blah blah.
    All that said, though, does look like a beautiful day for a game...